California Diaries

The California Diaries is a spin-off series of the Baby-Sitters Club. It focuses on Dawn's life in Palo City, California after she leaves Stoneybrook for good. The series focuses on Dawn and four of her friends, all of whom attend Vista, a private school in Palo City.



Dawn Schafer
Sunny Winslow
Maggie Blume
Amalia Vargas
Christopher "Ducky" McCrae

Other Characters

Tyler Kendall
Isabel Vargas
Jill Hendrickson
Mrs. Whalen
Elizabeth Winslow
Justin Randall

Important Plot Points

This series deal with more adult issues than the BSC and is aimed at a slightly more mature audience. Issues include cancer, anorexia, suicide, drinking/alcoholism and domestic violence. See the character pages for an more information on these plots.

Palo City Things

Jax, a popular band
Vanish, the band that Maggie sings for and Amalia manages
Gaea, a domestic violence shelter

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