Claudia And The Perfect Boy
Claudia and the Perfect Boy
The Baby-Sitters Club 71
Published: January 1994
Ghostwriter: Suzanne Weyn

Claudia and the Perfect Boy is the seventy-first book in the Baby-Sitters Club original series.


This wasn't exactly what Claudia had in mind

Plot synopsis

Main plot

Claudia is upset because she doesn't have a boyfriend. She makes a list of all the qualities that would be found in the perfect boy. To find her dream guy, she convinces Emily Bernstein to let her have a personals column in the school newspaper - The SMS Express.

Secondary plot

Marnie Barrett is allergic to Pow, the Barrett's basset hound. Buddy and Suzi Barrett are understandable upset about losing their dog. Shannon is baby-sitting for them when they find out that the Pikes can take Pow, meaning that Buddy and Suzi can visit often.

Other plot information

Stacey writes Claudia a letter from a fictional dream guy.

Clients in this book

Other characters

Places in this book

Notable outfits

  • Claudia: Pink socks with gold stretch pants, add a gold turtleneck under a pink sweater, with blue jewelry. "I looked like a human sunset"


Pop culture references

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