Claudia Kishi
BSC Member
Claudia Lynn Kishi
Title: Vice President
Birthday: July 11, 4:36 am Age: 13 (after book 10)
Fashion sense: Artistic
Key traits: creative, artist, loves junk food
Joined BSC in: #1, Kristy's Great Idea
Left BSC in: Graduation Day
Portrayed in film by: Tricia Joe
Portrayed in videos by: Jenni F. Winslow

Claudia Lynn Kishi is the Vice President of the Baby-Sitters Club.

Her hobbies include eating junk food, reading Nancy Drew novels, and being an artist. She is creative, and artistic. Well known for her "fashion," Claudia likes to experiment with clothes and makeup. The only Japanese member in the club, she is often described as having "exotic" or "almond shaped eyes."

She takes lots of different art classes. She studied in New York City with Mackenzie Clark in Super Special #6, New York, New York, but the majority of her classes are at the Stoneybrook Community Center.

She is good at sailing and skiing.

Claudia claims that she is intelligent but doesn't apply herself. Because of this, she is sent back to seventh grade for part of the series.


Claudia Kishi has a close, nuclear family. Her mother is the Head Librarian at the Stoneybrook Public Library, Her father is an investment banker. She has one sister, Janine. Until book #26, her grandmother Mimi lived with her family. In book #26, Claudia's Sad Goodbye, her grandmother dies and Claudia deals with the loss.

She has an aunt called "Peaches" who is married to Russ.

Her family takes a ski trip every summer to Vermont.

Social Life

At the beginning of the series, Claudia is described as slightly more mature then Kristy and Mary Anne because of her interest in clothes, make-up, and boys. Claudia is shown socializing with people who are not in the BSC, however, this sometimes causes strife in the club. Her friend Ashley Wyatt tries to separate her from the BSC, citing that Claudia needs to focus more on her art.

Claudia goes out with many different guys throughout the course of the series. She goes to the Halloween Hop with Trevor Sandbourne in Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls.

Her vacation boyfriends include Terry, a boy she meets at Disney World in Baby-Sitters on Board and Will, whom she meets at Camp Mohawk.

Fan Response

Her attire is beloved and bemoaned by fans. Some call her "fashion forward" while others think her outfits are impractical, ugly, and slightly crazy.

Her poor spelling is often criticized as being unrealistic, due to the fact that she will spell things correctly at one point, and then wrong at others. This could be due to her carelessness at all things academic.

Books narrated by Claudia

Original Series

#2 Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls
#7 Claudia and Mean Janine
#12 Claudia and the New Girl
#19 Claudia and the Bad Joke
#26 Claudia and the Sad Good-bye
#33 Claudia and the Great Search
#40 Claudia and the Middle School Mystery
#49 Claudia and the Genius of Elm Street
#56 Keep Out, Claudia
#63 Claudia's --Freind-- Friend
#71 Claudia and the Perfect Boy
#78 Claudia and Crazy Peaches
#85 Claudia Kishi, Live From WSTO!
#91 Claudia and the First Thanksgiving
#97 Claudia and the World's Cutest Baby
#113 Claudia Makes Up Her Mind
#117 Claudia and the Terrible Truth
#123 Claudia's Big Party
#128 Claudia and the Little Liar


#6 The Mystery at Claudia's House
#11 Claudia and the Mystery at the Museum
#16 Claudia and the Clue in the Photograph
#21 Claudia and the Recipe for Danger

Portrait Collection

Claudia's Book

Friends Forever

#4 Claudia's Friendship Feud
#7 Claudia Gets Her Guy
#12 Claudia and the Disaster Date

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