Dawn On The Coast
Dawn on the Coast
Baby-Sitter's Club 23
Published: April 1990
Ghostwriter: Jan Carr

Dawn on the Coast is the twenty-third book in the original Baby-sitter's Club series.


Dawn's a California Girl.

Plot synopsis

Main plot

Secondary plot

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Clients in this book

  • Karen and Andrew Brewer

Other characters

  • Clover and Daffodil
  • Sunny Winslow
  • Jack Schafer
  • Granny
  • Pop-Pop
  • Trip
  • Ben Brewer
  • Nannie
  • Tom/Mr. Handsome
  • Jeff Schafer

Places in this book

  • Cabbages and Kings
  • John Wayne/Orange County Airport
  • Disneyland

Notable outfits

  • "You can always count on Claudia to be wearing some really unusual outfit, like a white jumpsuit with a wide purple belt and purple high-top sneakers


  • There are only 6 members in the club at this time, plus two associates
  • Dawn's house, which will later also be Mary Anne Spier's house, was allegedly built in 1795.
  • When Jessi first moved here, she wasn't even sure if she wanted to continue with ballet
  • There is no horseplay on the stairs at the Brewer mansion
  • Claudia draws caricatures of the BSC sitters during the sleepover. Later, in #76, Stacey's Lie, none of the sitters seem to know what a caricature is.
  • In this book, Dawn walks down a long hallway to the kitchen and her house is all on one floor. In The Baby-sitters Remember, she mentions how she walked from her bedroom downstairs into the kitchen.

Pop culture references

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