Dawn Schafer
BSC Member
Dawn Read Schafer
Title: Alternate Officer
Birthday: 5 February Age: 13 (after book 9)
Fashion sense: California Casual
Key traits: Individual, likes health food, doesn't care what other people think
Joined BSC in: #4, Mary Anne Saves the Day
Left BSC in: #67, Dawn's Big Move, came back in #81 Kristy and Mr. Mom, left again in #88, Farewell Dawn
Portrayed in film by: Larisa Oleynik
Portrayed in videos by: Melissa Chasse

Dawn Read Schafer is the Alternate Officer of the BSC. From books No. 14-29, when Stacey McGill is living in New York City, Dawn is the Treasurer of the Baby-Sitters Club.

Her first appearance is in #4 Mary Anne Saves the Day. Dawn is described as having waist-length, 'white-blonde' hair and blue eyes.

Dawn is a vegetarian and avoids eating red meat or sugar. In Mystery #7, Dawn and the Disappearing Dogs, Dawn says that she is not a vegetarian for ethical reasons, but because she doesn't like the taste of red meat.

Dawn enjoys ghost stories and surfing. Her favorite movie is //The Parent Trap//. She is usually described as 'easygoing' or an 'individual'.


Dawn moves to Stoneybrook in #4, Mary Anne Saves the Day, along with her motherSharon Schafer and her younger brother Jeff Schafer. Soon after, Dawn and Mary Anne learn that their single parents were in love in high school. They re-introduce Richard and Sharon, who begin dating.

Dawn's younger brother, Jeff, leaves Stoneybrook in book #15, Little Miss Stoneybrook... and Dawn.

Mary Anne and Dawn become step-sisters in #30, Mary Anne and the Great Romance. In #31, Dawn's Wicked Stepsister, they adjust to the change.

Dawn's father, Jack, lives in California. Dawn visits several times.


Dawn does not have any pets. She says that she likes animals, but she is not an animal lover. She has never particularly wanted a pet. However, she lives with Mary Anne Spier and Tigger, from book #31 Dawn's Wicked Stepsister until she moves back to California in #88 Farewell Dawn.

Social Life

Dawn's best friend in Stoneybrook is Mary Anne Spier. Her best friend in California is Sunny Winslow.

Dawn never has a serious boyfriend. She falls for Travis in #37, Dawn and the Older Boy, who tries to make her over. Later she likes Logan's cousin Lewis, but he does not live in Stoneybrook. She attends the Spring Dance at the Community Center with Pete Black in #63, Claudia's --Freind-- Friend.

Other information

Dawn moves back to California twice during the series. The first time is in #67, Dawn's Big Move where she makes the decision to live in California for six months. The two following Dawn books in the regular series take place in California. The second time Dawn moves is in #88, Farewell, Dawn when she decides to move back to California for good. This is the last time Dawn appears as a narrator in the original series. Dawn does appear as a character and narrator in the spin-off California Diaries.

Controversy and Continuity

Many fans take issue with the frequent description of Dawn as an "individual". There are several incidences where Dawn's individuality is pushed aside for a boy, which is why some people wonder what exactly it is about Dawn that makes her such an individual.

Dawn's vegetarianism is also questioned, as there are several books that cite ethical reason for her vegetarianism, and several that say she is just health -conscious.

Books Narrated by Dawn Schafer

Original Series

#5 Dawn and the Impossible Three
#9 The Ghost at Dawn's House
#15 Little Miss Stoneybrook...and Dawn
#23 Dawn on the Coast
#31 Dawn's Wicked Stepsister
#37 Dawn and the Older Boy
#44 Dawn and the Big Sleepover
#50 Dawn's Big Date
#57 Dawn Saves the Planet
#64 Dawn's Family Feud
#67 Dawn's Big Move
#72 Dawn and the We Love Kids Club
#77 Dawn and Whitney, Friends Forever
#84 Dawn and the School Spirit War
#88 Farewell, Dawn
#98 Dawn and Too Many Sitters


#2 Beware, Dawn!
#7 Dawn and the Disappearing Dogs
#12 Dawn and the Surfer Ghost
#17 Dawn and the Halloween Mystery

Portrait Collection

Dawn's Book

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