Kristy's Krushers

Kristy's Krushers is the name of the softball team that Kristy Thomas creates in Kristy and the Walking Disaster. Kristy created the team when she realized that there were a lot of kids who really liked to play, but weren't old enough or good enough to join Little League.

There are approximately 20 kids on the team. The average age of the players is 5.8, as of Kristy and the Walking Disaster.

Jackie Rowdowsky thought of the name. Karen Brewer refused to spell "Krusher" with a K, and is the only member with a uniform that says "Kristy's Crushers" instead.

The uniforms are tee-shirts with iron-on letters.

The main rivals of Kristy's Krushers (and only other non-little league team in Stoneybrook) is Bart's Bashers. Bart's Bashers is a similar team, started by Bart Taylor

Bart's Bashers combines with Kristy's Krushers to make the Krashers, a team that plays out of town.


Player Name Position Age
Buddy Barrett unknown 8
Suzi Barrett unknown 5
Matt Braddock unknown/good overall player 7
Andrew Brewer unknown 4
Karen Brewer outfield 6
Jacob Kuhn hitter 8
Jamie Newton unknown 4
Hannie Papadakis unknown 7
Claire Pike Throws temper tantrums 5
Nicky Pike second base/pitcher 7
Gabbie Perkins plays with a wiffle ball 2
Jackie Rowdowsky shortstop/second base 7
David Michael Thomas Catcher? 7

While cheerleaders are not normally a part of softball, Kristy's Krushers has three: Charlotte Johanssen, Haley Braddock, and Vanessa Pike. Their uniform is denim skirts, knee socks, and Krusher's tee-shirts.

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