Logan Bruno, Boy Baby Sitter
Logan Bruno, Boy Baby-sitter
Reader's Request NA
Published: July 1993
Ghostwriter: Peter Lerangis

Logan Bruno, Boy Baby-sitter is the second book narrated by Logan. It is not numbered.


Is Logan too cool for baby-sitting?

Plot synopsis

Main plot

After Logan trips and falls during a track meet, he's feeling self-conscious about his role in the BSC. The guys on the track team are giving him a hard time. To get away from the Clarence King, he begins eating lunch and hanging out with "The Bad Boyz", a gang of hooligans who smoke cigarettes and steal CDs. To keep Logan quiet, they write him threating messages.


Secondary plot

All of the local kids are being terrorized by an elementary school bully.

Other plot information

Logan's dad thinks he should give up the baby-sitting. Mary Anne and the rest of the sitters think that Nicky Cash is the hottest singer around.

Clients in this book

Other characters

Places in this book

Notable outfits

  • "Claudia can make weird clothes look cool. Once she went to school with a rattle in her hair, like a barrette. Another time she wore bell-bottomed pants exactly like ones I've seen in these embarrassing old photos of my parents in college. Only on Claudia, they looked…right. I don't know what it is about her." Go Logan!


  • Shannon wears black "outliner" around her eyes.

Pop culture references

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