Logan Likes Mary Anne!
Logan Likes Mary Anne!
Baby-Sitters Club 10
Published: February 1988
Ghostwriter: None

Logan Likes Mary Anne! is the tenth book in the original Baby-Sitters Club series.


Plot synopsis

Main plot

It's the first day of school, and Mary Anne is blown away when she sees her celebrity crush Cam Geary eating lunch in the SMS cafeteria. Cam turns out to be Logan Bruno, a new student and a boy baby-sitter. Logan comes to a BSC meeting (see below) and goes with Mary Anne on a sitting job for Jackie Rodowsky before asking her to the "Remember September" dance at SMS. Mary Anne is so humiliated when her shoe flies off during a dance that she spends the rest of the evening in the bleachers, but she and Logan still start dating and calling each other on the phone often. They go to a party at Stacey's, but it turns out to be a surprise birthday party for Mary Anne, and once again she's overcome by embarrassment and runs home crying. Logan and the BSC are all sorry for surprising her, but she forgives them and Logan comes with her to the Stoneybrook Animal Shelter to pick out Tigger. He also gives Mary Anne a silver bracelet for her birthday.

Secondary plot

After advertising in Kristy's new neighborhood and at a PTA meeting, the BSC is overwhelmed by calls from new clients. When Logan expresses interest in joining, they think they've found a solution, but the first meeting he attends is very awkward and uncomfortable due to having a boy present. Even though he does a good job on his sitting job at the Rodowskys with Mary Anne, both he and the BSC think it wouldn't work out for him to join the club. However, as his relationship with Mary Anne progresses, she suggests that he become their first associate member: he won't come to meetings, but they can call him if none of the regular members can take a job. Everyone's happy with the solution.

Other plot information

  • Claudia sits for the Perkinses and has an adventure when Chewbacca the dog escapes, and turns up stealing traffic cones from a road crew down the street.
  • Stacey sits for Charlotte Johanssen, who gives her the idea to hold a party with a surprise birthday cake for Mary Anne.
  • Kristy invites Dawn over while she's baby-sitting (since Mary Anne is on a date with Logan) and they talk about Mary Anne's dating Logan, as well as who they're going to invite to the party.

Clients in this book

Other characters

Places in this book

Notable outfits

  • Dawn: "Hot-pink shorts with a big, breezy island-print shirt over a white tank top."
  • Mary Anne (dressing up to see Logan at the BSC meeting): "A bright vest over a short-sleeved white blouse."
  • Mary Anne (the outfit the BSC helps her buy for the dance): "A full white skirt with the words Paris, Rome, and London, and sketchy pink and blue pictures of the Eiffel Tower, the Tower Bridge, and other stuff scrawled all over it; a pink shirt and a baggy pink sweater; white slip-ons with pink and blue edging that matched the pink and blue in the skirt."
  • Claudia (at the dance): "Short, tight-fitting black pants and a big white shirt that said BE-BOP all over it in between pictures of rock and roll dancers; a floppy blue bow in her hair."
  • Stacey (at the dance): "A white T-shirt under a hot pink jumpsuit."
  • Dawn (at the dance): "A green and white oversized sweater and stretchy green pants."
  • Kristy (at the dance): "A white turtleneck shirt under a pink sweater with jeans."


  • At a BSC meeting, Mary Anne tells the other girls that she bought a bra yesterday with her father. Kristy is now the only BSC member not to wear one.
  • Louie is acting very mournful and unenergetic when Dawn comes over to see Kristy.

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