Mallory Pike
BSC Member
Mallory (Mal) Pike
Title: Junior Officer
Birthday: 2 May Age: 11
Fashion sense: would like to be trendy, has braces and frizzy hair
Key traits: likes reading and writing
Joined BSC in: #14, Hello Mallory
Left BSC in: #126
Portrayed in film by: Stacy Linn Ramsower
Portrayed in videos by: Meghan Andrews

Mallory Pike is a junior officer in the club. She, along with Jessi Ramsey, are junior sitters, which means they are not allowed to sit at night, unless it's for their own brothers and sisters.

Mallory and Jessi joined the club at the same time, in Hello, Mallory. At this time, the club was looking for a new member because Stacey McGill had just moved back to New York City. The girls of the club were wary of Mallory, and gave her a bunch of tests. Mallory then created a new club Kids Incorporated, with Jessi Ramsey who was new to town at the time. When that failed, the BSC allowed both girls to join the BSC.

Mallory loves to read, write, and illustrate her books. She one day wants to be an author for kids. Her story won "Best Original Fiction" of the sixth grade in Mallory on Strike.

She leaves the BSC to go to Boarding school.


Mallory has seven younger brothers and sisters. Because of all the children, The Pikes are a frequent client of the Baby-sitters Club.

Social Life

Mallory likes Ben Hobart. They go to the Valentine's dance together in Stacey's Ex-Best Friend, even though they had been fighting at the time1. Mallory's best friend is Jessi Ramsey. Sometimes Jessi and Mallory pretend they are horses2.

Books Narrated by Mallory Pike

Original Series

#14 Hello, Mallory
#21 Mallory and the Trouble With Twins
#29 Mallory and the Mystery Diary
#39 Poor Mallory!
#47 Mallory on Strike
#54 Mallory and the Dream Horse
#59 Mallory Hates Boys (and Gym)
#69 Get Well Soon, Mallory
#80 [[[Mallory Pike, #1 Fan]]]
#92 Mallory's Christmas Wish
#108 Don't Give Up, Mallory
#126 The All-New Mallory Pike


#3 Mallory and the Ghost Cat

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