Mary Anne Spier
BSC Member
Mary Anne Spier
Title: Secretary
Birthday: 22 September Age: 13 (from #10 on)
Fashion sense: preppy
Key traits: shy, sensitive, cries easily
Joined BSC in: #1, Kristy's Great Idea
Left BSC in: Graduation Day
Portrayed in film by: Rachael Leigh Cook
Portrayed in videos by: Meghan Lahey

Mary Anne Spier is the secretary of the Baby-Sitters Club. She is described as organized, responsible and sensitive. Mary Anne is the first of the Baby-sitters to have a steady boyfriend, Logan Bruno.


Mary Anne's mother died when she was just a baby. Until book #30 of the original series, Mary Anne and the Great Romance, Mary Anne and her father, Richard Spier lived alone on Bradford Court, across from Claudia. In Mary Anne and the Great Romance, Richard married the mother of another BSC member, Sharon Porter, mother of Dawn Schafer. The Spiers then moved to the farmhouse that Dawn shared with her mother.


Mary Anne has a kitten named Tigger. Tigger is grey and striped. Sharon, Mary Anne's stepmother is not a fan of cats, and this causes some family problems during the initial combining of the Spier/Schafer households.

Social Life

Mary Anne has two best friends: Kristy Thomas and Dawn Schafer. She grew up next door to Kristy on Bradford Court, and this bond makes them close. They used to be able to see into each other's bedrooms and "speak" after dark through a flashlight code. However, when Dawn Schafer moves to town, Mary Anne becomes close with her as well. Eventually, Mary Anne's widower father marries Dawn's divorcee mother and Dawn and Mary Anne become step-sisters. This occasionally causes some conflict between Kristy and Dawn.

Mary Anne is the first of the sitters to have a steady boyfriend, Logan Bruno. They break up temporarily in the original series, but they get back together. She finally breaks up with him permanently in the Friends Forever series.

Books Narrated by Mary Anne Spier

Original Series

#4 Mary Anne Saves the Day
#10 Logan Likes Mary Anne!
#17 Mary Anne's Bad-Luck Mystery
#25 Mary Anne and the Search for Tigger
#30 Mary Anne and the Great Romance
#34 Mary Anne and Too Many Boys
#41 Mary Anne vs. Logan
#46 Mary Anne Misses Logan
#52 Mary Anne + 2 Many Babies
#60 Mary Anne's Makeover
#66 Maid Mary Anne
#73 Mary Anne and Miss Priss
#79 Mary Anne Breaks the Rules
#86 Mary Anne and Camp BSC!
#93 Mary Anne and the Memory Garden
#102 Mary Anne And The Little Princess
#109 Mary Anne To The Rescue
#120 Mary Anne and the Playground Fight
#125 Mary Anne in the Middle
#131 The Fire at Mary Anne's House


#5 Mary Anne and the Secret in the Attic
#13 Mary Anne and the Library Mystery
#20 Mary Anne and the Zoo Mystery
#24 Mary Anne and the Silent Witness

Portrait Collection

Mary Anne's Book

Friends Forever

#3 Mary Anne's Big Breakup
#8 Mary Anne's Revenge
#11 Welcome Home Mary Anne

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