Sharon Spier
Sharon Spier
Relationship to BSC: Dawn's mother, Mary Anne's stepmother
Key traits: Scatterbrained, vegetarian
Appears in: Many books

Sharon Spier, also known as Sharon Porter and Sharon Schafer, is Dawn Schafer's mother. She is described as scatterbrained. She has been known to leave her glasses in a butter dish, hedge-clippers in a linen closet, and refer to both cleaning spray and ketchup as "squirty stuff".

She has two children with Jack Schafer, Dawn and Jeff. She re-marries Richard Spier, whom she went to high school with, in book #30, Mary Anne and the Great Romance.

She is a good cook, making dishes like tofu-ginger salad, and vegetarian lasagna, however, most of the Baby-Sitters think they sound gross.

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