Stoneybrook is located in Fairfield, Connecticut, near the larger city of Stamford. Its mail is postmarked "Stamford."

Early History

Stoneybrook was a common stop on the Underground Railroad. Some notable residents of the past include James Hickman, aka "Old Hickory," and Jared Mullray, who sometimes-Stoneybrook resident Dawn Schafer believes haunts the Spier property on Burnt Hill Road.


Stoneybrook has a dazzling array of schools for a town its size. They include Stoneybrook Elementary School, Stoneybrook Middle School, Stoneybrook High School, Kelsey Middle School, Stoneybrook Day School, The Miller School, and The Paulson School. It is unclear where the last two are actually inside Stoneybrook or slightly outside of it. For higher education, there seems to be both Stoneybrook Community College and Stoneybrook University.

Neighboring Towns

Towns near Stoneybrook include Mercer, Lawrenceville, and Chatham.

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