The Lowells

The Lowells are a family of racists whom the Baby-Sitters Club sits for (or attempts to sit for) in #56, Keep Out, Claudia!

Besides Mr. and Mrs. Lowell, the family includes eight-year-old Caitlin, six-year-old MacKenzie (Mackie) and two-year-old Celeste. All of the children are blonde and blue-eyed, with pale complexions. Caitlin and Mackie attend an unnamed private school and wear uniforms.

The family enjoys the TV show Leave It to Beaver; it is apparently one of the few shows that Mrs. Lowell allows the children to watch.

The Lowells' next-door neighbor is Mr. Selznick.

People that the Lowells are prejudiced against:

The following list should be considered incomplete:

  1. Catholics
  2. Asians
  3. Black people
  4. Jews
  5. Boys who baby-sit
  6. Stepfamilies
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