The Ohdners
Sitting Charge
The Ohdners
Age: ?
Key traits: ?
First appears in: 10, sort of

The Ohdners are (probably) the only BSC clients who never actually appear "on-screen" during the series. The family is mentioned in the following contexts:

  • In #10, Mr. Ohdner makes his debut as "a new client" calling to book a sitter for his two daughters.
  • In #41, Mr. Ohdner calls again to book a sitter for the following Friday night, from seven to ten-thirty. Stacey takes the job; Kristy mentions that Stacey lives closer to the Ohdners than Kristy does (which is true for most of the BSC's clients).
  • In #57, Mallory reports that the "Ohdner kids" have the measles; Mallory was the last to sit for them.

One of the most pressing mysteries about the Ohdners is the whereabouts of Mrs. Ohdner; is she dead? Bedridden? Divorced? Or merely eager to delegate the booking of baby-sitters to her husband?

The Ohdners are not mentioned in The Complete Guide to The Baby-Sitters Club.

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