The Truth About Stacey
The Truth About Stacey
The Baby-Sitters Club 3
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Ghostwriter: Ann M. Martin

The Truth About Stacey is the third book in the original Baby-Sitters Club series. It is the longest of the original series books.


Stacey's different… and it's harder on her than anyone knows.

Back Cover

The Truth about Stacey is that she has diabetes. Nobody knows…except her friends in the Baby-sitters Club.

But even they don't know the real truth about Stacey. Stacey's parents are her bigger problem. They won't recognize what she's going through, leaving her feeling more alone then ever.

Stacey's not going to let her parents —or her diabetes — get in the way of her life. Especially now — when the Baby-sitters Club needs her more than ever!

Plot synopsis

The BSC members are working on a contingency plan for the birth of Mrs. Newton's baby when Claudia's sister, Janine, interrupts the meeting with an announcement about the new club in town - The Baby-sitter's Agency. Liz Lewis and Michelle Patterson are 8th graders at Stoneybrook Middle School, and can stay out later. They also have access to a lot more baby-sitters than the girls in the BSC do.

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