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The Baby-Sitters Club TV series consisted of thirteen episodes aired on the HBO cable network in 1990. Each episode was also sold in VHS format.


The show's plots were original in that none was directly based on a specific Baby-Sitters Club book, but many echoed plot points from the series. "Mary Anne and the Brunettes", the first episode, centered on the efforts of a girl named Marci to steal Mary Anne's boyfriend Logan. While Marci does not appear in the books, Cokie Mason's attempts to steal Logan from Mary Anne are a theme in several books. "The Baby-Sitters Club's Special Christmas" showed Stacey ignoring the restrictions of her diabetes by eating forbidden sweets and ending up in the hospital, in a story very similar to book #43, "Stacey's Emergency".

The show's final episode, "The Baby-Sitters Remember", featured the sitters recalling special memories, many of which were taken from the book series (such as Kristy's first BSC sitting job, as seen in #1, Kristy's Great Idea). That episode actually aired four years before the Super-Special of the same name and similar concept was published, although the book is not evidently derivative of the TV episode in any way.

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None of the series' cast members came to the show with any significant fame, and for most of them, it would remain their most prominent role. Of the actresses who played the seven club members, the most prolific is Nicole Leach (Jessi), who had regular or recurring roles on Shining Time Station and The Cosby Show before working on The Baby-Sitters Club, and Clarissa Explains It All afterward, as well as a number of guest-starring roles on various TV shows in the early 2000s.

Among The Baby-Sitters Club guest stars, Danny Tamberelli is notable both for appearing in seven of the show's thirteen episodes, more than any other guest star, as sitting charge Jackie Rodowsky, and for going on to star in the hit Nickelodeon TV series The Adventures of Pete & Pete. He later appeared on Nickelodeon's sketch show All That and game show Figure It Out.

Zach Braff made his acting debut on the episode "Dawn Saves the Trees" as the son of a public works commissioner. Eight years and a handful of small roles later, he became famous as the star of the hit NBC sitcom Scrubs.

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