Washington Mall
Washington Mall
Type: Huge shopping mall
Address: Thirty minutes outside Stoneybrook
Appeared in: 3, 21, 47, 60, 64

Washington Mall is the biggest mall in the area surrounding Stoneybrook, and is located about thirty minutes away from the town. It offers stores, restaurants, boutiques, movie theaters, a video arcade, a petting zoo, and an exhibits area. The food court, or "food circus", is located on the fifth floor.

In #47, Mallory on Strike, Mallory and Jessi see a demonstration at the mall of a new toy called the "Teeter Streeter." In #60, Mary Anne's Makeover, Mary Anne and her father listen to a jazz performance there while eating lunch. In #64, Dawn's Family Feud, The Spiers go to Washington Mall to eat at Casa Grande and see a movie at the Cineplex.

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